About Monroe Aerospace

Monroe Aerospace (Formerly ECAS) is one of the leading stocking distributors of aviation and Mil-Spec parts and hardware in the U.S., supplying only the highest-quality parts to the aviation and aerospace industries nationwide and all over the world. Monroe Aerospace has been supplying parts for the last 20 years and has become a proven leader in the Aerospace and Mil-Spec hardware supply industry. When you are looking for competitive pricing, the highest-quality parts, with world-class service, same day shipping and fast delivery, let Monroe Aerospace become your parts supply solution.

When we began operation in 1992 both our inventory and our hardware catalog was limited to the most common AN, MS and NAS hardware, consisting primarily of Mil-Spec nuts, bolts, washers and screws. As our inventory grew, so did the product line offered in our catalog to include Cherry Rivets, Hi-loks, Camlocs, hydraulic fittings and O-rings.

By the late 1990's we became ISO 9002 certified and since then, have been independently audited on a yearly basis, to make sure our quality standards always remain current with both industry and governmental requirements. We are currently ISO 9001:2008 certified and are working toward the AS9120 and ASA-100 certifications.


Our customer base grew quickly and consistently, to include many aircraft repair facilities and helicopter maintenance facilities. Many military subcontractors have long depended on us for their fastener requirements, as have heavy maintenance facilities doing heavy C checks and D checks on many commercial and military aircraft.

The scope of the aircraft we have provided hardware for include not only Cessna, Piper and Mooney, but also Bombardier, Embraer and Boeing aircraft. Experimental aircraft and ultra light aircraft required us to start kitting fasteners for their aircraft production, which grew significantly in the late 90's.

Electrical components to complement our aircraft hardware product line have become a significant part of our inventory. Ring terminals, cable ties, circuit breakers and switches along with aircraft wiring, spiral wrap, splices, solder sleeves and aircraft lighting have all been added to our expanded inventory.

Our catalog ultimately grew from 36 to 250 pages and has become the primary aircraft hardware catalog used by university aviation departments to train new students interested in becoming aircraft mechanics. Purchasing agents, mechanics and design engineers now utilize our catalog for all technical and dimensional information.

In the early 2000's, the Internet became a new vehicle for sales and changed the way everyone did business. Our E-Commerce website provided us with the opportunity to promote our products and our catalog electronically.

Our inventory has continued to grow to include panel inserts, Tridair, Dzus, Southco and other 1/4 turn fasteners. Bearings, hose assemblies and electronic hardware have also been added. Common aircraft tooling has become part of our inventory and hardware kits are now available in our catalog.

We have redesigned our website to keep up with the demand for a user friendly E-commerce presence. In addition to the new website, our 2012-2013 catalog is available for viewing, downloading, in print, and soon will be available on a custom USB flash drive. We have replaced our black and white catalog with a full color, high quality updated version that still has all of the technical and dimensional information along with color pictures of the products.

All of our quality systems have been in place for many years to ensure fully traceable, defect free products. We have a major commitment to consistently improve quality at every level of the company with all the necessary certifications both from manufacturers and independently accredited organizations sponsored by the American National Standard Institute.

Providing complete and competitive pricing is another major commitment we have made to our customers. We are able to buy in significant quantities that allow us to optimize volume discounts and continually pass the savings on to our customers. Having the lowest price on every commodity is virtually impossible. With so many competitors and varying profit margins, you simply cannot be number one in pricing on all items, all the time. The reason Monroe Aerospace is most competitive in most areas is the fact that we have no minimum line orders and we seldom if ever backorder. This saves customers money on any additional paperwork and additional freight costs. If it is in our catalog, we stock it. The quality of our packaging and shipping procedures ensures virtually error-free delivery and also provides significant savings to our customers.

With the Internet becoming the new important purchasing method, being the least expensive on a total order is not truly the least costly when there are backorders, additional freight costs and returns. With Monroe Aerospace you can count on receiving competitive pricing, a discount on all orders placed online, and on time delivery for every order. These factors significantly reduce bottom line costs when analyzed on a monthly basis.

We have same day shipping, dedicated customer service before and after the sale, manufacturer's certification on all Mil-Spec and aerospace hardware and we are a company that always strives to put our customer's needs before our own. We understand there are many choices for aircraft parts. We ask that if special pricing is needed to meet necessary cost constraints, call us for this special pricing and we will work with you. Customer satisfaction truly is our most important goal.

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